At Southern Animal Hospital we are a full service animal hospital providing services for your cats and dogs. The backbone of our services are our wellness services. We strongly believe in preventative medicine with the goal being keep our pets as healthy as possible.  Our services include, but are not limited to:

Wellness medicine: Wellness visits are the core of a veterinary practice. We firmly believe in the importance of annual exams to allow us to provide the best care for your pet. Well visits allow us the opportunity to find health issues ideally before they become more serious, discuss behavior concerns with you, and give advice on you day to day life with your pet. We understand the importance of the human animal bond and want to make this bond as strong as possible. We also work with each client to develop the best vaccination and preventative plan for your pet's lifestyle and risk. At Southern Animal Hospital, we do not feel it is one size fits all in both vaccinations and preventatives.

At Southern Animal Hospital, we are committed to using vaccinations conservatively. We follow American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) Guidelines when making our recommendations for vaccines. Please visit our Southern Animal Hospital Free Vaccines For Life page to learn more about our wellness services!

Emergencies: We understand not all veterinary visits can be planned. We will accommodate emergencies during business hours. We will work up and treat patients with critical diseases. Please keep in mind, we do not offer 24/7 care, so in some cases we may recommend transferring your pet to an overnight facility to provide the best continuation of care. For after hours emergencies, please visit our emergency services page.

Sick visits: While we all love if your pets only need well visits, we are also here to help you in times they are not feeling their best. We will work together to find out what is making your friend not feel well and how to best treat them.

Dental care: Dental care for your pets is as important as regular dental care for yourself! Dental care ranges from removing baby teeth, to thorough cleanings, and extractions of diseased teeth. In some cases of severe dental disease, we may refer to a specialist for more involved care.

Please see our dental & surgical procedures and recommendations page for further information.

Surgery: Southern Animal Hospital has a full surgical suite that allows us to perform spays, neuters, mass removals, lacerations, and soft tissue surgeries such as removal of bladders stones, biopsies, etc. Please see our dental/surgical procedures and recommendations page for further information.

Digital Radiography: We are excited to offer the latest technology in X-rays. While we don't believe it is necessary to have all of the bells and whistles to practice excellent veterinary medicine, we believe the advantages in patient care in having digital radiography are worth the investment. What we love about digital radiography is the speed in which we can take and process X-rays. Taking X-rays can be stressful to our patients and having technology that allows the X-rays to be obtained faster, makes our pets visits easier.

Ultrasonography: Our doctors have invested time in receiving additional training in ultrasound. Ultrasound is another tool we will incorporate to offer the best care for your pets.

Laboratory: We offer both in house and outside laboratory services so we can ensure we provide the best care for your pet. At times, it may be important to have results immediately and our in house lab machines provides same day results. We also work with outside labs to offer histopathology, cytology and more in depth blood work such as thyroid panels and GI panels.

House calls (limited): We offer house calls on a limited basis. We understand there are times you cannot easily bring your pet to see us, so we have decided to offer limited house call services. Please call us to discuss this option.

Behavior consultations:  Dr. Donoho has invested in large amounts of training in behavior and behavior issues with cats and dogs. While we all want our pets to be perfect, but we realize some of them may need a little help getting there! We offer consultations starting before you get your pet and through your pet's lifetime for any problems that may arise. We work with local, positive method trainers to help your achieve your goals with your pet. 

Final Care: When that time comes to say good-bye to your best friend, we strive to make that decision as easy as possible. We know it is never easy. We have a designed a quiet room with its own entrance to make things more private for your family during that difficult time. 

Referral Program: Join Southern Animal Hospital's Referral Appreciation Program! The kindest compliment you can give us is the referral of friends and family. We very much appreciate all the referrals that our clients have given us. To show our appreciation, when the new client brings their pet for our services, both clients will receive a $10 gift certificate! 

Discounts: Southern Animal Hospital is also proud to offer discounts for our servicemen including fireman, police, and active/retired military.