Our Story

Southern Animal Hospital is proudly providing progressive veterinary care to your pets in a positive, comfortable setting. We understand that your pets are part of your family and strive to offer individualized care for each of our patients.  As pet owners ourselves, we at Southern Animal Hospital, understand the special bond that exists between people and their pets.  We dedicate ourselves to our patients' preventative, quality care and treatment of disease.  We ensure that clients are educated  and informed about their pet's physical and behavior health needs, medical treatment, and care.  We take pride in our clients' satisfaction and bond with our practice.

We are committed to providing a compassionate, caring environment and will treat each patient with respect & dignity in an individual and personalized manner. Each client is offered the very best options in medical care and then their financial and ethical beliefs are considered when creating a treatment plan. Our doctors work closely with supported, local referral hospitals. They also use consultations, conferences, periodicals, and online resources to stay on top of current research and treatment protocols. 

While we understand that vet visits can be stressful to our pets and their owners, we want to keep our visits as happy and comfortable as possible for your pets, as well as yourself. We have designed our hospital with your pet's comfort in mind. This includes providing separate waiting areas, entrances, and treatment areas for for cats and dogs. We have instituted checking in and out from within the exam rooms to limit wait time in a busy lobby area.  And we understand that not all of our four legged friends enjoy coming to see us, as much as we enjoy seeing them. Our goal is to make these visits as happy and stress free as possible. We utilize treats, toys, and other distractions to make visits easier. Part of our job, is to tailor the visit to each pet and figure out what makes the visit easiest for them and you. We have received additional training and became certified Fear Free. And our learning never ends-we will continue to find the ways to make your pet's visit as pleasant as possible. 

Southern Animal Hospital is a family business, starting from the design to the construction and the everyday management. We are proud of our hospital and would love to have the opportunity to be your pet's favorite veterinarian! Our favorite part of our job is getting to know our patients as individuals and watching them grow from puppies, to adults to seniors. Our goal is to support the friendship you have with your pets. We are here to keep your friend healthy and happy! Come visit! Our door is open!

Thank you for entrusting your pet's care to Southern Animal Hospital!