Making your cat love the vet... ok tolerate the vet!

Every once in a while we have a cat that actually likes being at the vet, but they are few and far in between. I find that most cats tolerate the vet-if we don't push them too far. And then there are those cats that really hate the vet. They often turn into a flurry of fur, nails, and teeth. At Southern Animal Hospital, we are trying to change that. We know we can't make all cats love the vet, but we want them to at least tolerate the vet. 

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Helping your dog love the vet!

Does you dog drag you back to the car when he realizes he is at the vet? Does your dog shake, whine, drool, pant at the animal hospital? Do you dread taking your dog to the vet because it is so stressful?

Here are some ways to make your dog’s vet visit a happier, less stressful thing…

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