House Training a Puppy! A Test in Patience!


There’s a reason puppies are so adorable-so when they pee on your floor for the twentieth time you laugh and move on! We recently added Bazinga aka Zing to our household. And I have gotten very, very lucky-she is the easiest puppy! No chewing (yet), loves people, other dogs, crates well, travels well, always bright and happy…and then there’s the house training. Occasionally we get lucky with the puppy that has one accident and then is great! But for most of us, house training does not go so smoothly. And is a trial in patience and lots of cleaning supplies. So while many of these tips are familiar to everyone, there are the things I have had to remember in house training Miss Zing.

**Just when you think your puppy has it-they will forget everything about house training the next day! Just laugh and back up a few steps.

**When you think you have a few more minutes until they need to go out-you don’t. They will promptly squat and pee on your floor! If you start to think they need to go out, they do!

** Have everything you need handy-this includes a leash, poop bags, shoes, jackets, and LOTS of treats. I have made the mistake several times of having to go get shoes, a leash, etc. And when I return I’m too late!

**Oh and have lots of cleaning supplies near by-inevitably your puppy will want to jump around and spread everything after they have had an accident! Clean the area well with an enzymatic cleaner too.

** Reward, reward, reward. Your neighbors may think you’re crazy but when your puppy goes outside have a party. Praise and treats!

**If you do not want your puppy to use potty pads in the house long term, wean these out of your routine as soon as possible! While it’s nice to sleep through the night because your puppy has potty pads, it will make it harder in the long run to convince them not to go in the house.

**Be patient-this period will be over and then you will miss the cute puppy stage!

Enjoy your puppy while they are cute and trouble! They grow up too quickly!

Boo Donoho, DVM

Southern Animal Hospital