Fostering: A Fun Experience!

The three “flower” fosters learn about real farm life, meeting new people, and how to walk, kinda, on a leash!

The three “flower” fosters learn about real farm life, meeting new people, and how to walk, kinda, on a leash!

Foster a dog they said-It’ll be fun they said! Recently through the American Belgian Malinois Rescue we had the opportunity to foster three nine month female Belgian Malinois! While I won’t lie and say it was all easy and smooth flowing, we fell in love with these three fun, happy girls. And in the end, seeing pictures and getting happy updates from their new families made it all worth it!

There were a few days we decided we were crazy! They chewed off every door stop, thought heights were a challenge-I can jump straight onto your countertops- and kept us on our toes. But they made us smile every day with their antics, and it was fun watching them go from completely unsocialized, scared dogs, to happy, social puppies.

They stayed with us a few weeks while we made sure they were healthy, treated them for parasites, and started on house training and basic manners. Then they moved onto their permanent homes. During the time we had them we worked on the basics as well as seeing how they were with people of all ages, dogs of all ages, cats, and more. We started on the basic life skills they needed and made sure they had fun in the process! While we might need some time to recover, we will be ready to foster again in the future!

For anyone who has room in their household for another four legged friend, but is not able to take on the long term comittment, fostering is a great way to help out! There are many rescue groups in the area that need help with fostering pets. By fostering you give the pet a chance to decompress from being in the shelter, learn normal household manners, and help the rescue group learn a bit more about that pet. This always makes the pet’s chances of being adopted to the right home easier! So if you are on the fence, give it a try! The best part is if you try fostering and decide it is not for you, there are other ways you can help out local rescue groups.

Happy fostering!

Boo Donoho, DVM

Southern Animal Hospital