Happy July Fourth!

It’s almost July 4th-food, friends, fishing, and fireworks! Things we all love, right? But maybe not so much for our four legged friends. Unfortunately fireworks are not normally high on our dogs’ list of favorite events. And there are lots and lots of fireworks this time of year. More dogs go missing on this holiday any other day. So what can you do to protect your dog?

**Resist the temptation to bring your dog along for the parties and fireworks. You may enjoy this, but likely this will stress your dog a lot!

**Keep your dog confined. Make certain your dog is safely confined inside where they cannot escape if they get scared. And keep in mind the festivities may start earlier then you would think, so bring your dog inside early. And make certain your dog has proper ID including name tags on collars and microchips, in case they do escape. 

**Plan ahead if your dog has noise phobias. What are some things that can help?

-Thundershirts or similar compression wraps can help with anxiety

-Place adaptil diffusers or spray their bedding/thundershirt with adaptil to help with anxiety

-Try to dampen the sounds of the fireworks-place your dog in the most soundproof area of the house, play music or keep the TV on

-Leave your dog with yummy, long lasting treats (like a kong with frozen treats) so keep them distracted

-And talk to your vet about anti anxiety medications if your pet needs more help for their noise phobias. 

**If you have a new dog/puppy that hasn’t experience fireworks yet, be prepared to stay home for the evening and see how they react, so they do not hurt themselves. 

Enjoy the Fourth but don’t forget about your four legged friends!

Boo Donoho, DVM

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