Take your dog along!

The girls enjoy a night out at Red Oak Brewery! 

The girls enjoy a night out at Red Oak Brewery! 

One of our favorite things to do when the weather is nice is to take our dogs along for a night out. We are lucky there are several dog friendly restaurants and establishments in the area. We recently visited Red Oak Brewery in Gibsonville and found it to be a great place to visit with dogs. Dogs are allowed inside and outside. They have nice large tables and lots of places to mill around with your dogs. And besides offering alcoholic, non alcoholic beverages, sometimes a food truck, they have dog treats available! 

Here are some of our recommendations before you decide to take your dog along for a night out:

*Make certain your dog can handle the atmosphere-there will be new noises, other dogs, lots of people, people wanting to pet your dog. Your dog will need to settle quietly if you are wanting to eat a meal as well. We recommend pursuing a Canine Good Citizen with your dog to ensure they have the manners needed to go out on the town.

*Keep your dog on a short leash (we recommend 6 foot or shorter) so they cannot invade other people's space. And be aware of where your dog is and where other dogs, so they do not get into each other's space. 

*Bring poop bags so you can clean up from your pet. 

*Make certain your dog is up to date on vaccines and prevention (flea, tick, heartworm) to help protect them from diseases. 

*Make certain the weather is safe (not too hot) for your dog! Remember that surface heat up quickly and may burn your dog's feet. 

*Be ready to leave if the environment is too stressful for your dog. Dogs that are fearful of new people and dogs would be happier staying home with a healthy treat!

Enjoy the night out!

Boo Donoho, DVM

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