Where can I train my dog (and cat!)?

I do a lot of training with my dogs and am always keeping an eye out for classes and training opportunities in the area. So where are the options for places for training classes in the area?

Need one on one help? Have a specific issue you need help with? For individual training for your dogs we recommend:

Harenhaus K9 (Triangle area, based in Chapel Hill): Audrey Low teaches our classes at Southern Animal Hospital. She takes a practical, positive approach to training. She offers in home training as well as immersion training where your dog spends time in her home. 

Awesome Pawsabilties (Triad area, based in Winston Salem): Jenn Stanley also provides a positive, practical approach. We have worked closely with her in several cases of dogs with anxieties and behavioral issues. She offers one on one training for you and your dog. 

Looking for group classes for your puppy? Of course check out Southern Animal Hosptial's classes! But if our classes do not work with your schedule, or you need a different level we recommend checking out:

Paws4ever (Mebane): Paws4ever offers a range of classes from puppy to agility and more advanced classes. They are positive based and have a lovely facility in Mebane. 

Quicksilver Canine (Julian): Quicksilver is a amazing new facility ran by Julie Jenkins. Check Facebook for more information. While Julie concentrates on dog sports such as flyable and agility, they will be offering a range of classes. And if you need one on one training, she is available for private lessons as well. 

Durham Kennel Club (Durham): Yet another lovely facility in this area, Durham Kennel Club offers a range of classes from puppy, to competition obedience to agility, therapy dog, and more. 

Can't make it to any of these classes, but still want to train your dog? Visit Fenzi Dog Sports Academy. They offer online training classes and have a huge range of classes. You can take the classes at different levels depending on the amount of feedback you want. I take bronze level Fenzi classes every session with my dogs (as well as classes at the local training facilities), as I can work on the exercises whenever I have time. And they even offer a training class for cats! 

There are more local facilities, but I listed ones I have first hand experience with. 

Happy training!

Boo Donoho, DVM

Southern Animal Hospital