Don’t Stop Socializing Your Puppy!

We all hear the magic number of 8 weeks to 16 weeks to expose our puppies to things they need to see and learn, but what happens after 4 months? We all pat ourselves on the back, and then sit back to enjoy our well trained puppy?! 

Now the training continues…and it may be a bit harder, because your puppy may be entering different periods on their way to becoming a mature dog. One thing we notice is puppies will start to test their independence and spread their wings. That puppy that came running when you called and never left your side-they may now turn a deaf ear to you. And then there is another fear period, typically between 6-14 months of age. Your rock solid puppy that never startle, now will jump at things and startle. It is important during both of these periods to continue positive reinforcement, stay calm, and really reward the puppy for being confident. 

And it is important to keep taking your puppy out and about for fun, happy field trips. So Tilly and I went to Lowe’s the other day. 

Tilly got to explore…

Work on loose leash walking…

Work on her waits…

And met lots of new people!

Enjoy your puppy! They grow up fast!


Boo Donoho, DVM