Socializing the Puppy and Kitten

It’s so important to socialize your puppies and kittens. And the best part is it is fun! Puppies and kittens are like sponges early on, so it is important to expose them to things that they will need to know later in life. What are some things your new four legged friend needs to get used to?

**People, people and more people: Our little companions need to get used to people of all types, young, old, tall, short, with glasses, beards, hats and more. The recommendation for puppies is to meet 100 new people in the first 4 months of life! 

**Other dogs/cats if they will be expected to co exist with them later in life. Make certain these are safe introductions. 

**Crates, carriers, leashes, and harnesses, etc. 

**Car rides

**Household noises like vacuums, phones, etc. 

**New places like groomers, vet offices, other houses, etc

Of course it is important that your new companion have positive experiences so don’t put them in situations they are uncomfortable with. And it is important not to put them at risk for diseases so stick to areas where you know the other pets are vaccinated and it is safe. But otherwise enjoy this fun time in your puppy or kitten’s development. They grow up fast! 

We have had a blast taking Tilly out and about. So far she is very confident about new experiences and we want to keep it that way as she grows!

Boo Donoho, DVM

Southern Animal Hospital