It's National Vet Tech Week-Why Are Vet Techs So Important?!


So National Veterinary Technician Week is here! Ask any veterinarian out there and they will tell you having a good veterinary technician is essential to being a good veterinarian. Veterinary Technicians have received additional training to obtain the skills needed to be our right hand person. So what are some of the things that vet techs help us out with?

*They are teachers: Vet techs are familiar with diseases, vaccine protocols, medications, behavior and more. Techs help us answer our client's questions, answer phones call, return emails, and follow up with our patients. They also help train our next generations of vets and techs. I learned the majority of my anesthesia skills from an amazing, well trained vet tech! 

*They are anesthetists: Vet techs are essential in surgery. They help us prep patients for surgery, induce patient, run safe anesthesia, and recover our patients safely. Without having a trained, experienced vet tech helping us in surgery our jobs would be so much harder. While we are concentrating on the surgical aspect; they are ensuring the patients are safe and happy under anesthesia!

* They are caretakers: They are essential in taking care of our hospitalized patients, from monitoring and giving medications to making certain our patients have all of their needs taken care of. 

*They are organizers: Without the vet techs to keep us organized and on time (hopefully!), our jobs would be even harder. They make sure we have good histories on our patients, what the plan is for our patients, and more. 

*They help us stay safe: Techs help us in keeping us and most importantly our patients safe. They take the time to help make our patients feel comfortable at the vet. They help us safely restrain our patients for procedures. 

Say thank you to your vet tech this week!

Boo Donoho, DVM

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